Sunday, November 9, 2008

Anxiety? or a bad habit?

So my son has picked up a habit... no, no, he is way to young for smoking or drinnking... he has a nervous cough... he habitually clears his throat.. we have been told it is not physiological, but rather habitual.. and for now, I will belive them...
Has this happened to any of your diabetic kids or friends? or is this just a personal thing... I mean, sure a 6 year old with diabetes has more stress than the average 6 year old.. but still.. enough to perpetuate the constant clearing of a throat? OY! Playing at the park, swimming class, in the movies, at school.. most of the day...... not when he sleeps, but aside, most of the time..

any insight?

the only diabetic i grew up with had an eye tick... figured it was unrelated...and so i am hoping for my sons ... just a 'phase' I can deal with... but does it ever go away? (It has been almost 3 months now)

*Note : isn't it funny how we can reasonably calm others about these issues, but can't always seem to grasp it when it is so close to home ;)

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