Sunday, February 1, 2009


Jared had his check in with the Endo, my husband had been working late all week, and the kids were tired, the appt has been moved to 4pm and I had no where else to put my daughter, but with us at the appt. This always makes me nervous... she is a patient lovely helper of a sister when her brother is in the hospital and when she needs to be... but for just a check in at the doctor, when it is not about her... she tends to sometimes want my attention. I guess she is trying to make it about her ;)

I was panicky... that morning, my friend asked me to watch her son so she could pack up for a trip they were all leaving for the next morning... I said yes in the morning while out running the last of my morning errands with my daughter, but one store did not have OJ, yadda yadda,,, we ended doing a bit more running around than i anticipated... Bottom line, after lunch we were both tired! so I cancelled on her... I picked up a few things from the store she needed, but I cancelled on her, out of fear of my daughter being a disaster for our appt that afternoon. so in the afternoon before we picked up Jared from school, she rested at home.

Now i regret my decision, not because everything worked out okay, but because sometimes, unintentionally i become so focused on Jareds appt and taking care of his diabetes, I forget how much i rely on my friends, and how much they do for me when we are in a pinch, and i did not return the favor.

I was so obsessed with this appt I let my friend down. (she evidently is okay with it, but I feel horrible!)

Jareds A1C was fantastic, which after a rough winter was unexpected,,, but it was bitter sweet. I felt like his great numbers was also in part because I am so focused on helping him be the best and healthiest he can be, I forget to be a good friend to others sometimes?!??

I think this is the point where i look in the mirror and ask, what is more important. The problem is.... my friends are just as important as taking the best care of my kids as possible.

How can we balance being the pancreas parent, and being yourself and a good friend?!?!