Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A poem about test strips...

Oh test strip... We know you hate to be thrown out, but you must!

you are such a little thing that is so small but says so much... but still after you are used, you must be thrown away.

You sometimes remind me of clowns fitting into a clown car when we empty the diabetic kit at the end of the day (or week) Seeing just how many of you can jam yourself into the bottom of the case to hide... until you are found and discarded.

Oh test strip.. how much fun you can be when it was figured out that when seperated after use, you are like stickers and can be stuck.. well.. anywhere.. and everywhere. (especially by little sisters)

Test strip... as excited as we are to find a few more in a bottle when we need to test and thought we were out... we are not as excited to find you used and in our beds at night... on the floor... and stuck to our bodies ;P

Little test strip, some day, we will make biohazardous art with you, but for today.. could you find your way to the garbage can... please!