Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nick Jonas is a good kid!!

Youngest Jonas brother visits White House, Congress to press for funding of diabetes research

WASHINGTON - The youngest Jonas brother spent Tuesday lobbying Washington's power brokers on behalf of diabetes research - starting with the big guy, President Barack Obama.
Clad in a white oxford shirt with no tie, and a grey blazer with the sleeves pushed up, 16-year-old Nick Jonas stopped by the White House for a photo with the president and children who are living with diabetes.

It was his second time at the White House this year. He and brothers Joe and Kevin hung out there with Obama's daughters, Malia and Sasha, on the night of Obama's inauguration.
After the White House, Jonas headed off to Capitol Hill for a private meeting at the office of Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) The teen idol and the senator made small talk about music while photographers snapped their pictures.

Roughly a dozen Capitol Hill interns waited quietly across the hall from Lautenberg's office for a glimpse of Jonas - no loud outbursts or attempts to sneak around security.
"I know some people can become star-struck and lose sight of what they're here for, but if Nick Jonas makes juvenile diabetes a cause that people are more aware of, it's worth it," said Ashley Woolos, an American University student and intern in the office of Representative Richard Neal (D-Mass.) "A younger face might bring younger fans and the fact that juvenile diabetes is not just an older persons' disease."

Nick Jonas publicly revealed that he has Type 1 diabetes while performing at a Diabetes Research Institute fundraiser in 2007. He is scheduled to testify on Wednesday before a Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee hearing on federal funding for diabetes research. Other witnesses include boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and actress Mary Tyler Moore.
The Jonas Bothers created the Change for the Children Foundation, which donates money to charities benefiting children who are disadvantaged or ill. They released their fourth CD, "Lines, Vines, and Trying Times," last week.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

your age and your childs BG should never match!

Tonight, before I climbed into bed with my husband after a relatively busy day with the kids and tons of work I had to do today.. I decided to give my son an extra BG check... before bed, he had been so active I was sure he was going to drop... and I snuck him a piece of good dark chocolate, since he never even asks for dessert.. it only had 3 carbs (A good find at Trader Joe's in the little tins) In fact, even though his BG was in range, I gave it to him for free... (Pods and pumps make small calculations really easy) but I had a hunch... I thought we could overcome the problem with this...

I gave him the before my bed check an hour before normal because I was tired, and his BG matched my age... That is WAY too low a number! It made me feel young.. and not in a good way.. that by no means could a number that low be good.. it was too low, too young... stop thinking I thought to myself and run and get him some quick glucose/ protein.

Thankfully, he was able to drink with a straw and was conscious... cups, and that low, don't usually work out too well in the middle of the nite.. although I have to say.. I can't say he has EVER been that low at night :( But he has had one time where he was too low to repond to anything but the glucose gel which was a nightmare too... (Yuck)

Well it scared me.. and so here I am ... he has since recovered, BG's are normal and I will try and go to bed soon.. but that fear kinda runs around in my body and mind for a while... not taking any intuition/instictual messages for granted.. no matter how tired I think I am. But still, freaks me right out!

Thank you for being here, for listening when the house is sleeping and my mind is racing.