Saturday, July 5, 2008

The paradox of cause and effect.

Found some more interesting facts about household things that can cause illness and wanted to share them:

Germs (This one we know.. but the detergent was the new shocker for me)

Which room of the house harbours more germs, the bathroom or the kitchen?
If you answered the bathroom, you will be surprised to know that the kitchen harbors a lot more germs then the toilet seat.

According to a program on CNN broadcase in March 5, 1996, Carlos Enriquez , a scientist at the University of Arizona in Tucson lab tested sponges and dishrags from 1,000 kitchens in five major American cities. Some sponges carried salmonella bacteria, e. coli, campylobacter, clostridium perfringens and staphylococcus and other ill-causing bacteria.Not only that , but some bacteria growth is caused by the detergents that are used in washing dishes…. What a paradox….

Read more about this here:
If this article didn’t get your attention, consider the fact that one single bacteria cell can become more than 8 million cells in less than 24 hours!

Are your beauty products killing you?

This is the title of the article you find here: article examines phthalates which are plasticizers and have always been considered safe according to product safety standards. But are they so safe?Phthalates have now been recognized as toxic substances under environmental law, but companies are free to use unlimited amounts in cosmetics.Read more in the article above.

Certified organic bodycare products

What is the difference between simple “Organic” and “Certified organic”?
CERTIFIED organic products contain no synthetic chemicals at any stage of the production chain, beginning with growing, harvesting, storage, transporting and processing, through to the final ready-for-market product. Where there is an ingredient that is essential for the product to function, (e.g. xanthan gum to thicken) and that ingredient is not yet available as organically grown, then, up to a maximum of 5% of non-organic ingredients may be used in the product, and only until that ingredient becomes available and organically grown.

Organic products are not the same. The organic chemistry definition of organic, is any compound containing carbon. Carbon is found in anything that has ever lived. So, by using this definition of organic, many manufacturers can (and do) say that the toxic petrochemical preservative, methyl paraben, is "organic" because it was formed by leaves that rotted over thousands of years to become the crude oil used to make this toxic preservative.

All of this is something to add more knowledge to our base.. not to scare, but just for our back pocket so to speak. Hope you found this interesting. I did. You hear people talking about what to avoid, but they don't always have facts or reasons why... If you have other items you avoid, please share them with us. I know I always have an open ear and an open mind.

Just can't shake the feeling...

Ever have one of those nights... regardless of if you are watching a comedy or a chick flick.. you still can't shake the feeling of your child having to deal with Diabetes everyday. Today.. not a holiday from Diabetes... Another day... dealing with stresses kids should not have to deal with.

I panic, I hide it well, but I panic. I kiss him and love him (my daughter as well of course) and I worry about both of them, like all parents do. But I would trade almost anything for the Diabetes to just go away...

There have been days when it acted as though he was non-diabetic for a few hours, and I wished it was like a flu that goes away in time... It has wreaked enough havoc on our family .. it is time for it to be gone. Leaving a healthy, vibrant and energetic boy.. who gets to be a boy.

I am feeling like today's post is more of a diary entry than a post, so hang tight with me as I peel my layers before you all. I just need to get it out sometimes.

He is sleeping and put the CGM monitor on him tonight. I always feel like the bad guy, when I have to put 'more stuff' on his little body.. and tonight he let me know I was the bad guy.

Another diabetic mom once told me.. (and thank Gosh for her, or I would take it even harder than I do ... They (your Diabetic Child) will say things and feel things that are not fair to them or you, it hurts, Like heck, but don't take it personally... the moment passes, and life is filled with so many moments.. let that one pass too... with a grain of salt, and an unconditional loving hug, that no matter how hard it seems to get.. you all will make it through!

How do you cope with making life as 'fair' as possible? How do you treat all the children in your life Diabetic or not equally? How do you remind those around you that they need to treat all your kids equally...

Life is not fair sometimes, but I still wish, and hope and strongly belive, that one day soon.. it will be. I don't know how or when... but please ... let it be soon!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A wish... or self driven solution??? He figures he has it all figured out

My son's birthday is coming up soon and well, in preperation, every chance to make a wish.. he does. For the past year, as many other parents of diabetics know, that 'not having diabetes' is likely one of the 'most requested' wishes of the year. (much like the top 10 christmas gift list). Jared thinks he has figured in his own mind, regardless of how many times we tell him to never lose hope and keep believing and that he can even be a part of the solution with dedication... However he figures that since that wish is not likely to come true (atleast for this year) since everyone else with diabetes has had it thier whole life and has not really heard of it going 'away' for anyone he has decided that he can outsmart the wish process... something more likely to get... a round about way of not having type 1 diabetes. Jared's new wish is for type 2 diabetes. Yup, you heard it right, my son is hoping for the disease of choice in comparison. I ask him why. He states "Mom, if I had type 2, I would just keep taking care of myself and eating right... and exercising and I could cure myself." There you have it, a 5 3/4 year old kid, figuring out a way to cure his own diabetes... downgrade! In his mind.. Upgrading!

I only hope all his hopes, wishes and dreams come true, today, tomorrow and forever.

I just have to add my own personal touch on this post: Last year I took Jared and his sister to Disney on Ice shortly after his diagnosis, and as I watched all the children overindulging in sweets, treats and even expensive souveniers.. I thought to myself, I hope each one of those childred appreciate what they have, and what they are given... And know that they are lucky for each and everything and every functioning part they have... and the MC shortly says in the magic of the "wishes' theme of the show for all the kids to make a wish... You know that all the kids with their mouths full, and their arms full of goodies likely wished for more of the same, and you know that all the sick kids or diabetic kids in the audience are wishing for cures, and health! Somethings just don't seem fair.

Don't you think that parents should not take pancreas, health and the magic of their childs life for granted and feed them crap, for one day it could all be taken away, or do you allow for those endulgences so that if it should happen that way... they have had a taste of it?

What are your thoughts? Am I just too emotional about the diabetes?

Request for CGM's: Denied by Insurance

I, along with many others are sick of being denied coverage for the CGMS. Join me on July 1 to raise our voices as a community.

If you have been denied coverage for the CGMS by your insurance company, Please make a post on your blog, personal website and or a video post wherever you are a community member on JULY 1, 2008 telling everyone how important the CGMS is for you to keep healthy.

In the subject line of ALL your posts please put:

This way we will have a way to keep track of everyone’s posts, and make our voices heard.
I have been doing research and have figured a few loop holes during my battle .. I will post on these soon!