Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Do we really expect more from the media??

It is sad that a young 30 year old woman has died, Casey Johnson and socialite and heiress to the Johnson and Johnson , she was diabetic and may have died of diabetic related causes as she was not known for taking the best care of her diabetes in years leading up to her death. (according to hospital reports and media reports) Ironically she had co-written a book with her parents about parenting a diabetic child. Donations in her honor are being made to JDRF, which is very generous and nice of the family. My thoughts are with them.

The media is always brilliant.. After she died, and stated she was a diabetic, they said they found insulin syringes in her home at the time of death.

I have two words for them " no kidding !!!!"

It will be interesting to see how the media spins this and what it does to further the confusion the world has about T1.. lets hope the media gets this one right'!

A microscope into our children...

I have said since shortly after Jared's diagnosis that we have the (unchosen) opportunity to have a microscope into our child.. we know what birthday cake really does ;) we can see how stress effects children, when they are growing, when they may be 'truly' scared to the core...

Yesterday was first day back at school after winter break for my kids, most kids started on monday. Sunday night Jared had trouble falling asleep... not only because he was nervous, but recently he has had an ongoing cough (going on 6 weeks) that was diagnosed as 'nocternal asthma induced by winter' so his cough does keep him up at night, but ... not much more than any other night in the past 6 weeks... his bg's started running high just before midnite... after two high readings, we decided to check for ketones (which yes, we are supposed to always do, and we usually do, but sometimes, if we know it was icecream, or a birthday party treat... we forgo it) Just after midnite, he had trace.

To comment here and say that Jared is in great control from what the dr's say.. he checks 8 or so times a day, always covers for what he eats if not before eating, but during if he does forget.. and has an A1C that the dr's are happy with being at 7 and previously in the 6 range... but WHY.. why do the dang ketone pop up ?? and out of know where it seems?

When you get trace at midnite, there is not much to do.. we continue to check him and give the regular insulin as usual... and of course, by morning - Large ketones... doubled the insulin and they were gone pretty quick, but so was the first day of school.

When it was all over, Jared said ' I hope I can sleep tonight, because tomorrow is MY first day AGAIN....' We talked about nerves and why he might be scared... and oh my.. did he really get himself so worked up and stressed over the first day back after such a wonderful break that he had ketones? (they were there and gone really fast this time)

This reminds me that sometimes maybe I need to ask even MORE questions before I rely on the 'microscope' and find out how to overcome what we can before we need to deal with the diabetic side effects of stress, and emotions...

I will still never forget when Jared was 5 (2 years ago) and over the holidays he heard 2 people he loved (not his mom and dad) fighting and yelling at eachother.. from the other room, he yelled "stop arguing - you are so loud.. I can't play" .. I went in to make sure he was okay, his voice was trembling at the top of his vocal chords from yelling.. and sure enough... that emotion had stacked up his BG to 400!!!

There is so much about T1 we can't control, but so many other things that if we stop and think, we can contribute to making it easier...

In 2010, I want to not jut be on top of Diabetes care, but on top of managing (both) my kids feelings, emotions and fears... and make it a great, happy and healthy success!

Everyday, I learn more and more from my kids :) and for that I am greatful!