Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"tape it to your forehead!"

So we are having small issues with Jared forgetting his Omnipod remote (the control to his insulin pump) at school.. (wel technically the whole diabetes supply kit he needs daily). he is 6 and in 1st grade.. and is really self sufficient at school with his care... I think we all forget how little he is to remember all this stuff... he is thinking about homework, lunch bag, library books, sweater, school bag... (probably the silly thing the boy next to him is doing, how cute the girl looks in pigtails... - I don't know...) but he is clearly not thinking about bringing home his 'diabetes kit' which is currently housed in a camera case with a carbeaner to attach to the side of his pants or school bag (we removed the strap when the teacher said he really was not wearing it anyway)But now.. this is the (yes.. gasp here) since school started that he has forgotten it... the gasp was for the times we got all the way home, and he felt hungry but could not bolus for food with out the remote or checking his BG first...but the strange thing, is that the teacher and I both ask him.. (at our respective times - she when he is packing up, and me when he gets in the car - do you have your 'kit' we both get 'yes's) but no kit makes it home... I feel the pressure to move out of way of the long line up of cars to pick up their kids.. but this is becoming silly... I am considering taping it to his forehead - not really - but it sounds like an option at this point ;)

Any ideas of what works for your kids? are we putting too much stress on him to be self sufficient and manage his own supplies?? or is this just a passing rebellious stage.. he is also not wanting to wear his medicalert necklace.. he came home yesterday with the medic alert part in his kit, and a surf board hanging off his necklace ;P can you blame the kid?

These kids have to deal with so much... how can we make this smoother? I don't want to ask the teachers to do one more thing for him... but I am almost at the point, where I may need to ask them to help me help him be more accountable than with just a question... double checking can be hard in a class of 24!

Okay.. babbling on here... I think i need to put the shoulder strap back on and make the poor kid wear the cool camera case again... (just thinking out loud) we did not used to have a problem.. ahh lets blame it on the carabeaner.. and not the boy... after all -he is so darn cute and tries so hard...