Monday, December 8, 2008

A dear friend - 4 years ago today...

I got this from a very dear supportive friend today and wanted to share her words:

Four years ago today I was standing in the hallway of the hospital ER when the Doctor looked at me and said "this kids got diabetes, we need to get him to Children's now!"

Four years ago today my two-year-old baby boy was lying on a gurney in an ambulance, racing down 1-5, with eyes as big as saucers, breathing rapid shallow breaths, when the EMT looked at me and said "he can only breathe like this for so long; his little body just might give up". Four years ago today my son was in the Children's Hospital NICU fighting for his life. Four years ago today my family's lives were changed FOREVER.

Four years ago today I learned all about the disease of diabetes; and that it would be Kevin and I's responsibility to keep our son alive. Four years ago today "diabetes" became a part of every hour of everyday ofour lives. Four years ago today Jackson poked his finger for the very first time. Four years ago today we began injecting Jackson with insulin to stay alive. Four years ago today I didn't know what "a low" was. Four years ago today we didn't fear seizures. Four years ago today my son's life was saved.

Four years ago today will NEVER be forgotten. Today is a day in my family to remember.... The day Jackson was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. December 8 has changed our lives forever, and yesyou would think that after four years it would not be difficult, that itwould not bring tears, anger, regret, sadness, questions, arguments, andfear. This year is actually worse than the last. This year I am so thankful to have my baby boy at the age of 6 with his first loose tooth, precocious as ever.

Today is important in my house and I wanted to share this with all of you because the month of December for many is a time for family and love. Today could have been a much sadder day for me but because of the wonderful doctors and people in our lives, along with a mothers intuition, today is the day we received a diagnoses. Today is the reason that our home hopes everyday for a CURE and the reason that I have relationships with many of you.