Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thinking of giving the public school a go - Again!

Had a great meeting with the new district nurse and she is *drumroll please* a type 1 diabetic herself. She guaranteed me a safe environment for Jared at school... I believe her. I can't believe i actually told her that I was happy she was diabetic (but not to take it the wrong way of course!) but that she would understand where we are coming from and what taking care of your diabetic self involves. (even though she is a nurse for 6 different schools in the district - so she may not have a lot of time at our school)

The principal (new also) is on board and is wanting to put a team into place and take care of him so we all feel safe.

I am liking the sounds of this...

I will keep you posted :)

(this is a far way away from my sons first meeting 2 years where he walked away saying "Does my new school not like kids with Diabetes??)