Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Excitement... (dear diary style)... 'tis the season

They say.. :"'Tis the season"... apparently for us to have hospital visits and/or avoid it...

Last week Jared was admitted to Children's while trying to deal with plantars wart on his big toe... Yeah, I know.. and Jared knew.. he said it quiet elequantly " I can't belive I am in the hospital for a wart on my toe!" Granted .. he had kiddie vicodin on board at that point, and the pain had subsided from the IV antibiotics they were administering... still... seems crazy that just because a kid is diabetic, and their body cannot best fight viruses and infections (Especially in extremeties)that they are hospitalized for it... the good that came out of it was that 4 days later.. in the night... the body rejected the infection, and sloughed that wart right off his toe.... call it an early christmas present ;)

We love the pod, however we are now pretty certain after having 2 more failed pods (since the last post) that there was a faulty case we had, and the shipping was likely the cause... with our experience now, we can just give injections to jared throughout the night and avoid having to wake him for a site change when we anticipate that the high sugars.. which could be hormones or anything... are likely a faulty pod.. we again avoid ketones..
Flash forward.. next pod, same box... 3 hours in the car to get to Vancouver between snow storm bursts... and we can't get his BG below 360.. way too high... we can't really stop to check ketones, but have a willing kid to check his bg every hour.. so mama's intuition kicks in again and I double his insulin bolus... yikes.. but we are prepared with juices and others things... but no need... our best attempt with doubling insulin only brings him down to the 279... we arrive almost 5 hours later, check for ketones and those buggers still snuck into his system... (side note* and a bit of foreshadowing* he is still on antibiotics from the toe insident) we get him to drink tons, and keep bolusing with insulin.. by 1am he is 140 and ketone free.. we sigh, and go to bed... that next morning he wakes at 67... a bit low, but a quick sigh again.... after breakfast... the battle is on... we can't get him to drop below 260, which we can handle.. but just before a trip to the snow hill to sled.. and he runs upstairs, and drops to the floor with his hands over his head... I come upstairs to find him with a "headache" and not feeling well... sh*t is what is going through my mind... there is a snow storm outside, and we are in 2 feet of snow... which would not be bad, if we were not already 1.5 hours from the hospital here we trust...

okay, so these details are only because we were reaching... looking for answers as it is now christmas eve and Jared can't get himself out of the bed of a dark room.. he is starting to get a fever and is "spitting" from the "extra spit in his mouth" and making deep sighs... his urine PH has changed, and has had ktones off and on for a few days... Sh*t again, is going through my head... i call the hospital nurse line, and it is out of service for the holidays...we fortunately have 2 more phone resourses and get a nurse eventually on the phone who is telling us that jared could be in acidosis and may need help sooner than we can get it for him... we treat the fever with tylenol and the spitting stops, the moaning subsides and we all look at him, and he is responding positivly and we think we can avoid a trip to the ER in a snow stom.. he falls asleep a few hours later, the fever (which the dr's were nervous how a child on antiobiotics could have a fever) does not return.. that night, he coughs in his sleep.. looks like he was just fighting a cough that was trying to come on.. a virus... for the first time, i am relived to have a cough with a fever... I was dreading that it was acidosis... I am not ready for that road... especially if it is icy and unsafe ;)

we made it through christmas, we got to play in the snow and the kids had an amazing time...

This year, we had a turkey dinner for christmas, for me... it felt more than ever likes thanksgiving.. I am so thankful for our health, our happiness and our intuition.

I hope you are all safe and healthy this holiday season. Happy Holidays.