Wednesday, June 17, 2009

it's coming...

The anniversary date of Jared's diagnosis... 2 years will be on June 20th... although our log books start on the 22nd of June when we were to start logging the rest of Jared's Carbs and blood sugars for life (or until a cure)... to me, both dates are important.

We have come a long way... A really long way. Jared was only on injections for 6 months and as a hungry (Smart) boy who started avoiding carbs = avoiding shots... we needed another solution... Stage left - the Omnipod. For which we are thankful, 18 months of basal rates and easy eating. (Although I have to say that now - 2 years later - Jared does not fret to take an injection is his lower back/ upper butt if the pod fails or he needs some extra insulin.. but 10 injections a day was enough to make us all want to avoid carbs, although he never knew I felt the same way ;) But with the pod, it automated our 'log book' system... it does it all, which was a nice change too. (although I miss the part where Jared got a sheet full of different expression faces and stuck them in his log book to let us know how he was feeling) But I am okay to move on. Each day brings change in so many ways.

We have battled ketones, we have had late night scares, (day time scares), we have been really mad at Diabetes, and we have ultimately embraced this disease (for now) so we can move on. Each day is a new one, one that we try and forget, but are constantly reminded...

We fought with public school 4 days after diagnosis (2 month before kindergarten was about to start) to make sure he was safe. he wasn't. We went to private school for the past 2 years and have gotten more independant in his care and we are venturing back to public with a new principal and district nurse (Who won't be around much) and we are feeling okay... we are moving forward as he must. (although we have not yet finished paying the bills for it).

Jared has come so far... he is a big part of the book that has been written, it is all him, he is an inspiration and has a passion in him to help others who are scared. He was scared, we all were scared.. but we are lucky. Lucky for each day.

I hope Jared's book gets published and that he can have some impact in helping other newly diagnosed kids, or kids who just feel alone and need to know they are not.

I am feeling unsure and anxious about this upcoming day.. because I don't know what to do with it!?!? I have heard some let the child choose how they want to spend the day and be in control of as much of the day as possible to remind them they can have control in thier live, and they have done amazingly well over the past year, others celebrate another year of dealing, and others let is pass quietly. I am not sure what I want to do... perhaps I will leave it up to Jared.

It is coming.. 2 years that mark a huge adjustment in our lives, one that has changed it forever.