Monday, August 25, 2008

Ying and Yang... brain dump...

Go figure.. we had a great camping weekend, with numbers in range or low due to constant activity and beachcombing ;) ... a sad boy to come home, he has decided he wants to camp all week and next weekend until school starts! We arrive home (after a 2 hour drive - which took a bit longer than that) and a necessary pod change which has to happen to a strategic pod dislodge ;) on his part ...and an amazing first 'arm as a site' for the pod (he usually uses the belly) but the dr said that he is getting contact dermatitis from the tape and his belly desperately needs a break! he was great.. like a rockstar.. stating ' that hurt less than the belly ' which made us all feel good... and then chaos!!!!! 380 after his bath (Which is opposite of what it usually is - he tends to go lower in warm water) and then a high reading until midnite... multiple boluses before bed... checking every 2 - 3 hours all night with CGM readings and alarms of HIGH all nite... and then waking at 7:45 finally still at 240... no ketones amazingly... and then a nice reading of 120 before breakfast...just before 9am. (hey, i have learned to take any inrange number no matter what the time is... )

So riddle me this.... can emotions? change of site location? change of environment? change things that much... ???

before bed tonight he is reading high again... lets hope it is growth hormones, pre first grade anxiety... or something temporary.... i am too exhausted for another night of constant boluses...

p.s the doctor has us on the 'watch' for celiac sympotms as Jared is a frequent pooper.. and gets tummy aches before each one.. did i mention that frequent can be 4-5 times a day.. or after each meal?!?!? Is that common.. happpen to your kids? with our without celiac? We have a blood draw at the next visit to tell for certain... but I was wondering what is your experience with 'movements' and your kids.. and tummy aches.

thanks again for being out there :)