Friday, November 14, 2008

World Diabetes Day. Diabetes Awareness!

So we woke at home this morning thankfully feeling good and the hospital visit behind us, and how fitting it was his first day back at school after his stay at childrens and it is diabetes awareness day! Jared asked, what does that mean... he was already aware of how diabetes feels...

I told him it is so others know how it could affect them to, and how rampant it is ....

I did not go into these details with him, but got these from another great blog
A few facts:
-Every 10 seconds a person dies from diabetes-related causes.
-Every 10 seconds two people develop diabetes.
-Over 250 million people live with diabetes worldwide. In 2025, this figure will reach 380 million.
-More than 200 children a day develop type 1 diabetes.
-In developing countries, close to 75,000 children live with diabetes in desperate circumstances.
-Type 1 diabetes is increasing fastest in pre-school children, at a rate of 5% each year.

I have really enjoyed wandering through others blogs today and watching the videos of thier diabetic kids talking about their experiences... it has been enlightening... thanks for sharing.

Like all other days since June 20, 2007, Diabetes has my attention today! ;) We are completely aware! Spread the word!

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