Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Being away and getting organized...

Well we have been away quite a bit this summer visiting family... and being away from home often presents BG issues in itself, so being prepared is really critical to the whole experience to make sure that Jared my D son is best equipt and prepared for being away and staying as 'regulated' as possible with of course some flexibility.
I found that carrying around the whole "tackle box" of supplies (he called his cowboy kit) worked when he was on injections as there were so many supplies to bring it was necessary to bring tons of extra supplies because you never know exactly how many of each were necessary... so consider the fishing tackle box as a supply kit for your injecting needs...
Now that he is on the Omnipod or Pump (for all intents and descriptive purposes) we use a plastic 3 drawer system (As seen on the diabetic mom song YouTube video in a previous post)
Top drawer is extra supplies for testing (Strips, lancets, ketostix and alcohol wipes).
Next is supplies for pod changes - (including the polysporin/neosporin (Depending which country you live in) for the site puncture to help the healing which we have found to be a great discovery, SKin prep wipes, which also were a great discovery to help the pods stay on with less irritation on removal so worth the 'non coverage' expenditure, and sets/pods ofcourse)
The last drawer is for lows supplies (lots of fruit leathers, sharkies (organic, no high-fructose-cornsyrup energy chews for kids and other such treatments for lows) (*oh exciting when visiting canada we found a new fruit snack option - all natural made by sunrype called fun bites - find 'em if you can - they are 16g of carbs and all fruit )
So we sound prepared... we feel prepared... but the whole 'regular' part of the equation is still yet to be figured out, but you know what?!? we do our best.. we treat the highs and lows and we move forward, and are thankful for every day we spend visiting family and friends :)