Friday, October 31, 2008

Thank goodness Halloween is only one day a year!

Well all is still and quiet... until the late pitter patter of foot steps through the house .. Jared woke to pee... we check his BG which has been great in fact for 3 days solid... so good in fact, that if i had a working printer, i would have printed the download and framed it... because it was not hard to maintain that freaky few days of diabetic perfection...well now we check him and he is ...... drum roll, a ghostly and ghouly.... halloweeny 483... now that may not be such a shocker had he eaten a whole bag of candy... but we hit 3 houses, one which was ours, and we gave out LPT (little plastic things) one was our neighbor and good freinds, who specially made my kids bags of chips and annie's fruit snacks with a few stickers, and one random house where no one was home, so the kids got a reese snack stick (i think it is called). MY kids chose to come home and do crafts in our warm house vs wandering around collecting candy...So in total, we offered him a dark chocolate bar(Which i chose the mini one with the lower carb count to offer him treat if he did not want to go trick or treating, because he is catching on that for a diabetic kid, this holiday can kinda be candy revolved, and would prefer to do crafts, and things he likes than wander around and collect candy which he knows he likely shouldn't eat for his and my reasons. So in total after dinner, there was the dark chocolate which we gave him 14g, chips 17g, and a reese stick which he begged for (15g ) "since all other kids he knew were eating far more than this and he would not ask again to eat his treats when this night was done" (he offered up that one). ... before bed ... 180 and now... 483

All i can say, is thank goodness halloween is only one day a year... talk about junk food pressure!

I hope you all had a wonderful and happy halloween :)

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