Tuesday, October 28, 2008

35 is the magic number to start the day...

To start the day off right, most anyone would say "consesus says have a healty breakfast" .. well deciding what the will be when put into the hands of a 6 year old (diabetic) always left us wondering what to bolus for pre-meal.. as we have been really trying hard to do to keep him more leveled with less ups and downs... so we finally found a magic number that works for many of his favorite quick easy and pretty healthy breakfasts. 35... so when we wake, we check and bolus.. and this gives him the great start to a day with all attempts to keep his numbers in check all day... and as long as we all move in sync to get breakfast on the table within a reasonable amount of time... everyone is happy :)

p.s We also find that this number instead of just the 13 (for milk) we used to do ensures he knows he must eat all his breakfast for a good start to the day... we try and see the bright side ;) and he manages well until snack or lunch at school.

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