Tuesday, October 28, 2008

check up ...ahead...

Well the only appt our practitioner had available was/ is the day before halloween unless we wait until next year... which since this appt combines to get the flu shot.. and test for celiac.. we opted for the all inclusive day before halloween appt.

my hubby will likely be away, and bless my daughter for coming and watching all this go down.. she is a rooter tooter cheerleader for him (most of the time) only yesterday at his podiatrist appt when he had some scraping and freezing to be done.. (thanks to swimming lessons at the local public pool) she closed her eyes and ears and ears and started crying too (along with him after he was holding it all in... Did I mention they want to give her a flu shot along with him (and me) at the same time?!?!?

I am honestly going to say.. this is one appt I am not looking forward to in the least bit!

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