Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Never a dull moment

As midnite nears and the house is asleep, I cannot seem to sleep for the night, mostly because last nite.. when that 'mamma intuition' told me to check my son, he was sleeping like and angel, probably dreaming of something wonderful, when I checked his BG to find him 29!! for him, that is low... for most anyone, that is low! Just when you think you have it all figured out curve balls come a flyin!

I have this theory when he does not eat enough protein in his dinnner, 3-4 hours after he falls asleep, he crashes .. somedays, not all days, and not consistantly enough for me to know why. We speculate it is not on the days he is growing (when he releases extra growth hormones making him high), and could be perhaps on days he has been extra active during the day... or perhaps, he left a crust on his bread aside that went un-noticed. You never know... and so here I sit.. typing away, thinking of the future.

How will he know to one day wake himself from these lows to treat himself?? The think that gets me about last nights situation, is that as usual, I slightly woke him and got him to drink milk, and with his slight lows and back to bed he goes, but this time, I wanted to wake him enough to see how conscious he was.. and with a bright smile (yes this is rare when I wake him from a dream.. ) when I asked him how he felt, he said " great momma, I love you.. good nite" I asked him did he feel low, he said no, he felt fine... hummm... so low and did not feel it.... yikes!

This after a break from his CGM (continuous glucose monitor) of course~~!

So do we ever get a dull moment from diabetes? I don't think so...but we can all dream.. and so atleast for tonight, Iwill try.

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