Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How often do you check in with your endo *Dr or team) for changes to care?

So I am curious, I have been told some people email or call in daily, others every three days and some weekly to have tweaks or changes made to their childs insulin care. I was contacting the CDE (certified diabetic educators) every three days since my son has been on the pod and I still feel we have not reached perfection. The Endo Dr, asked why they were changing his basal and IC ratios so often, but she made some more dramatic changes, and we found it eliminated most of his dramatic highs or lows... until he got sick, lost 3 pounds and now, we are starting all over again, with him all over the board... Yikes?!

Do you make adjustments on your own, are their calculations? or how do you deal with these constant changes in your child's insulin needs?

The irony she pointed out is that for a kid who is on a pump, it was only giving 25% of his insulin, I was manually bolusing him for the other 75 % most of it in the middle of the night. Until our most recent appt when she stated this ratio was WAY off... and made some dramatic changes, I was up checking my son in the middle of the night. Now, I am feeling better with the changes, but still don't trust the pod/pump, since he varies so much each day and night.

Have you found a system and ratio that works for you and your child? Is your child within range most of the time? Does your child deal with increases in BG in the early morning for no reason other than likely hormones, or dawn phenomenon? How do you deal with this so you can not panic every night when you go to bed and put your sweet child to bed?

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