Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How far we have come.. current care devices..

We have come a long way.. and fast. Mostly thanks to good insurance, a lot to reserach, wonderful medical team and my son's wilingness to try new devices that will and have proved to make his life easier. If you have questions on our experiences with any of the following, please feel free to ask away... Even my son likes to email or talk to other kids who are either newly diagnosed or thinking of making a change in their care over to a pump or pod. He has mentors he spoke to, and everyones experience is and has been valuable to us.

Started on: Lantus (morning)
( June 2007) Novolog (multiple injections - with each meal and corrections)

big improvement: started using the novolog injectable pen for dialing insulin in such small
(August 2007) amounts for a child.

Moving up to the pump/pod: Insulet OmniPod (wireless pumping system)
(December 2007)

Trying to gain the most understanding: Dexcom Seven (day) Continuous Glucose Monitor
(April 2008)

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