Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And the verdict is in...(or is that out?!?)

After deliberation, and discussions with both schools, we made the decision to send Jared to public school, to our local district public school. The one that has wronged us for the past two years, but yes, also the one who now has a new principal and district nurse.

They have assured us that his best interests are theirs too and we need not worry.

For now, I am not.

I am quiet... waiting, and preparing for a successful start... with the fore-planning done to get the school ready.

Sometimes, no new news is good news.

Sorry I have been so quiet... I have needed it ;)

p.s His current Private school has assured us that in a heartbeat (and a written cheque ;) ) they would take him back if they have space.... This helps...

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