Thursday, April 2, 2009

The april fools joke was late this year...

All was too quiet.. I think I said that in the first of my two posts yesterday..(after not posting for a while) Last night 7pm pod change... 2 am.. Jared wakes nauseas with large ketones!! it is now 10:40 am and we are still getting rid of those suckers.. looks like he is getting an extra half week of spring break this year~!

1st question - WHY??? The pod change was done like the rest.. when I syringed the insulin directly to him, it wasn't spoiled... it worked... The cannula was not kinked, I didn't see any obvious occlusion.. it did not alarm.. his BG's prior to 2 am (midnite was not so far off base that we saw it coming)... Virus??? Maybe?? combined with pod issues?? huh? the question remains?? why?? I have to drop it - we will never really know.

I think that this experience again has reminded me that we love the pod, but even with killer algorythms comined with the dexcom (which we also currently use off and on) this is so FAR right now from reliable that we can't only count on this technology. ( to become the basis of an artificial pancreas) I know this seems dramatic - and we love the pod when it works (Which is most of the time) but when it doesn't wreaks havoc on poor 6 year old Jared, on me and even trickles to dad and his sister when the action happens middle of the night! ~ but truly, pod or pump, when you don't have your own working pancreas this can happen at anytime, with any technology or routine...

All was too quiet.. I keep thinking.. isn't that sick?!?! I an an optimist and belive in the power of intention... I sure hope my confidence did not trigger this episode (okay ~reality check ~ I know deep down it didn't) .. but seriously.. his numbers from the past month have been so stellar, we have consisered framing the print outs and have sent copies to his Endo who is also showing them off around the hospital like a proud mom with photo's of her child ;)I remember during our first few months on the pod (6 months post diagnosis) we would see blogs from fellow diabetics whose graphs were as straight and controlled as one could imagine perfection would be, it seemed so unattainable... we were getting there. This disease is so unpredictable - nothing is safe, or regular, or predictable!

Another day - back to the optimistic outlook - after all, in a few days we board a plane to visit great gramma across the continent... we all better be feeling our best - after all this rain... we are her sunshine!

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