Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Proud of her for speaking out...

A true hero of a mom, a person, and a spokesperson for all our children.... I love her...and I cried...when i saw the commercial..it caught me by surprise.

Her son has been a mentor and friend to our son...She has been a support and a role model to me!

what a great family!


Post the origional post, I come back to this post of mine, not really realizing how contriversial it is.. nothing in politics ever is... but as parents of diabetic kids, and me knowing this woman and getting the call from her October of last year that her son had a seizure in the night... is why i tear up, because she is a hero for speaking out, no matter the forum.. I know in my heart, she did it not to help the politician first and formost but to help her child and all of ours... to raise a voice no matter the forum... to raise awareness of what a diabetic child endures - period. There is no pretending that everything 'can be normal'... it isn't and until resolution... it won't be.

This is NOT just a dramatic commercial.. this is real, this IS our lives, this is a truth ... not for the politician but for diabetics... seeing this commercial was like my first time saying out loud in a group forum that my son was diabetic.. it makes it real, the world does NOT know what it is like to live with a diabetic child... never mind the prospect of a cure, but dealing with today.. even more granular.. dealing with each moment!

Today I have decided that if I can ever have a moment to help others, and mostly families of diabetics like ours, I will... We cannot hide in the shadows of ignorance.... Our children have a different 'normal' they deal with more S**T than most adults can handle ... They are heros who deal with so much each day...

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Sherry said...

Nice blogging! Very powerful! I endorse your every word!! The world has no idea what our children and we, the parents go through.