Wednesday, September 10, 2008

do you say YAY when you meet another diabetic kid? Is that twisted?

We (maybe just me, but I am sure Jared feels the same way) have felt rather alone.. since we have not met any other diabetics in the immediate area... a few at SKWIDDs meetings of course, but none at his schools, the playgrounds near us... but today was different...

After school we went to the pool, went in at 160 BG and then jared hopped out after 30 minutes.. tested when he said he was tired and hungry.. and was 54... I was happy he recognized that... that would have been real he had 16g (fruit leather) and we waited and re-tested... 51!??!? kind of getting nervous.. had him have 16g more and waited and retested... he was only back at 54.. zoiks@!!! I went for the glucose tablets in his emergency kit... but asked the lifeguard if he had some juice... a woman and her son appeared with a juice box and said they noticed the glucose tablets... and her son was diabetic too... He drank the juice and was fine... and hopped back in the pool only to have his pod get knocked off by his sister after almost an hour in the pool... he was still only 125... after all that... it seemed to work out. and he got to be free for a while.. and it was pod change night anyway ;)

But the with the happy ending for Jared was a happy ending for me.. i swapped numbers with the other mom, and we will get the boys together (they are the same age) and I hope this is good... Jared always was asking why he is the only one around who got diabetes... if so many people have it .. why doesn't anyone else in the family or anyone else he meets...

We assure him he is not alone, but always wondered where the other 1 in 400 kids were... we found one... and I hope she calls to get together... if not for the kids, for me too... it is a open conversation with someone who understands... and she has been there.. her son was diagnosed at 2.5.. so she has really been there... and perhaps she will get something from me... if not just a good friendship

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