Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the sirens of occlusion...

I should have had a clue after a wonky BG day in school... one that had the teachers baffled and on the phone... but as most of you know, BG's that vary tremendously really can indicated many things, or nothing at all ...

he was 57 before lunch and HIGH at the end of the day... although an hour later he was back to 140... so what was up.... the teachers parting words were... have a good nite, I feel for you.. I remember not sleeping... and from the sounds of it.. tonight might be one of those nights...

Foreshadowing.. for sure!

he went to bed... in range.. with tons of insulin on board, due to a pasta dinner and a hungry growing boy.. and so I kept checking him every hour, because i am trying the 'pasta night' extended bolus for 8 hours... well... his BG was 340 at 10:45 so i knew bedtime was not in sight for a while... Midnite.. HIGH... hummm... forced a bolus to correct... (actually hubby did it... after a day like that.. i needed some respite from the chaos..) and about 2 minutes after his walk back... the siren went off.... HUH .. you ask.. SIREN??? Jareds pod sirens when it goes into auto shut off... occlusion :( he comes running in scared... and i knew what had to happen... my hubby on the other hand has not heard the occlusion siren before... so it is quite new .. and intimidating... so 12:30 here we are changing the pod of a cute and very sleepy boy... He was a trooper... we let him sleep in our bed, and brought his sister in too.. it was one of those nites... closer is better.. might mean a bit more sleep

He woke up and went into his room.. dad had left some lego for him... he got all excited and was not expecting it.. I told him the pod fairy must have told dad to leave it out for the bravest boy.. (note: not that pod changes dont 'hurt' per say... but at midnite.. no one needs that S**T!

Funny story: The first time I heard the siren my brother and dad were in town... the lot of us searched the house when we heard it.. including Jared.. looking for what toy or appliance was making the high pitch squeel... it turned out then to be my boy.. well his pod anyway... so we learned... hear an electronic noise.. check the boy!(pod)

Off to school.. hoping the new pod will bring peace and quiet for Jared and his teacher ;)

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