Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just when you need it...

We made it thought the birthday madness which in our house involves both my (now) 4 and 6 year olds. born 2 years and one day apart! Things were getting back to normal only a few days after the family is gone and the sun is out, swimming classes are back on.. rooms to clean.. etc, etc.. and for Jared.. Pods to change. They don't hurt him, and they save him a whole lot of hassle with needles 10 times a day, but today was again.. one fo those days when he was mad.. and DONE and wanted his diabetes to go away. It was just yesterday when he asked.. why am I the only one in the family with Diabetes!?!? Which i answered with a question : would you want anyone else in the family to have diabetes too? and he thought for a second and said, no.. I guess you are right.. And that ended that... but I wondered.. does he feel alone? does he know we do our best for him and for his care, that just last night we needed to double team his limp sleeping body and wake him from his deep sleep to give him milk to cover his low!??! That we urge him to test often for his own good and bolus early to feel the best he can so he CAN feel normal after a meal ... Secretly, although he won't admit it when he is on his diabetic frusterated path... I am sure he does. We found his Better is Better book under his bed which illustrates (litteraly) how many pokes he is saved by using a pump and how much better his life is today and will be tomorrow by using it, that the frusterations of pod changes .. which helped too... but with all luck in the post, today arrived our very own Jonas Brothers song A little bit longer... the song Nick wrote about his feelings about being diagnosed with Diabetes.. and Jared asked if we could put it in the car and park at the mailbox and listen to it all... Also in this package was a cookbook for diabetic kids called cooking up fun. What perfect timing. All is peaceful and the kids are happy and Jared is feeling great!... Until the next time... "A little bit longer.. and I'll be fine :)"

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