Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not sick, just diabetic...

One of our friends asked us what was on the schedule for today... I responded with the usual list of; park, pharmacy to pick up prescriptions.. etc, etc... My son chimed in with ," We are getting a prescription because I have diabetes, not because I am sick.. just so you know..." I think he is really wanting to be as normal as possible... Is there balance for a diabetic who is in control and one who is 'living life'.. like a responsible non-diabetic?

Diabetes is 24/7 .. .it sounds extreme or to some... even somewhat of a dramatic "feeling sorry for your self" because "Cancer would be so much worse" or having "other problems on top of having diabetes"...would be horrible too. Are we looking to make things worse? NO, the thing is.. is that if you pretend with Diabetes you are not diabetic, you get sick.. so you go from diseased and dealing with it, to a sick diabetic in jeapordy of a coma!

I read a post today of a mother who has a daughter here in the area and that a 6th grader in her daughters school is in the hospital with a diabetic coma - 1 year post diagnosis... that scared the crap (*pardon the expression) out of me... if it could happen to her, it could happen to anyone.. another story of a child dying from strep throat due to diabetic complications... these are real.. and pretending they are not only gets you into trouble... doesn't it??

How can we as parents not stress or stop checking for a second when the reprocussions are unthinkable.

How do you deal with constantly worrying for your child? have you found a coping way to deal with the stresses without bottling them? I guess for now; I have blogging.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Just when I thought I had a handle on dealing with the stress of having a diabetic child, I hear another horror story.

You are so right. It is a constant worry, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No breaks. No respite. But like we humans are so good at doing, we adapt. We lean on others who can relate.

My little girl is two years old and was diagnosed just two months ago. My husband was laid off of work a month later and had to take a job in northern Alberta. We live on Vancouver Island. I felt incredibly alone in the constant worry while he was away. This has aged me, I'm certain of that.

PancreasMom said...

Wow, you are an amazing person and mom for sure. Your child is lucky to have you. Please don't feel 'knocked down' by hearing 'another' story.. gosh, that was not my intent.. but rather that those around us realise why we have to constantly be 'on' guard and protective of our children.

Our children will live long and healthy lives hopefully with few complications. And with us teaching them the skills to cope (and hopefully we learn to cope and figure it all out before they have to take care of themselves ;) They will continue to care for themself.

When I think of this concept, I suppose it is much like the one about loving yourself... the only person who matters most... is yourself.. then others can love you too... If we care for our children and teach them to care and cope for themselves those around them will too :)

Can you tell, today is a much better day - Ironically it is my son's birthday today.. and we will make his day as 'normal' as possible... with BG checks and insulin of course.. but prepare by giving it 20 minutes before the cake or things we know he will eat for sure....

It must be challenging for insulin delivery on a 2 year old who you never know what they are going to choose to eat~ You are doing great.. and not too far from my hometown of Vancouver, BC!

All the best of luck to you - is your hubby home yet from working away? are you coping and managing better ?... even though there is no consistancy.. in my opionion (Except for the bad days, each day gets better - especially when you take it one day at a time - as parents of diabetics, living day by day and moment to moment in our childrens unpredictable situation is the best we can do!

and gosh darn it - sounds like you are doing it well... the first few months post diagnosis are the most challenging - reach out if you need it! we are all here to support eachother!

Anonymous said...

You don't know how comforting your words are to me. I'm a very private person but diabetes has compelled me to reach out to people, mostly strangers, because I need to connect with those who understand. Thank you so much.

Yes, it has been somewhat challenging with regards to Jenna's diet. Luckily she is a fairly good eater and not too fussy...YET! I always have some foods on hand that she is sure to eat if she doesn't like what is on the menu. My biggest worry is staying on top of the lows. She doesn't have them often, but she isn't able to verbalize yet when she if feeling low. So I have to rely of my keen "mommy senses" and ever improving powers of observation to alert me to possible lows.

Yes, my husband is back home and I'm enjoying sharing the worry once more.

Vancouver! My former home town until 2 years ago when we moved to Nanaimo!

Once again, thanks for the encouragement. And I hope your son's birthday was fantastic! I'll stay in touch!