Thursday, November 12, 2009

Checking in...

It has been a while, things are good, and generally quiet on the homefront, so I have been feeling busy with work and home. In fact I have been working hard to creat an educational non profit diabetic foundation providing information for newly diagnosed families and services and outreach programs for everyone... More to come on this.

Today was a good check in with Endo.. Labs day for the poor guy, he gets so upset, considering all he goes through in a day, I don't tell him to toughen up, I just cradle him in my arms and kiss his cheeck while they draw blood. It is over.. a quick lunch as a treat and back to school he goes. We did have a decent A1C which is good.. a 7.1.. they seem happy with that... and so I will be too.

The odd thing was after all that (diabetes care/dicussions) when we went for lunch.. for the first time (for me) I forgot to check his blood sugar... he had only taken a bite, but oddly.. for a second, I had the elated feeling like he didn't have diabetes.. odd I know... and I have not had this thought any time other than in my fantasies... but we checked and on with lunch we went... but odd. Humm.. .something for me to think about, how I let it go for a second... not that we ever can, but for that second.. it felt nice... I hope someday he gets to remember what it is like to not have to check before he eats, and not feel low after school and go to bed when he is tired, not lay there feeling the odd intuative things he feels about his body and the glucose and insulin rushing through it.

Happy World Diabetes day to all.. .we are off to celebrate it at a outreach program I helped out with for all kids to hang out at a kids museum with their families and sponsored food...a chance for them to still while bolusing and checking before they eat.. to feel ... normal... or atleast like most of the other kids in the room. No one looking.. wondering... what kind of cell phone needs blood drops??? (thank you vampire fetishes and electronic minds for that one)

Happy day, lets celebrate our friends and family who deal with this everyday!

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