Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back on the horse!

The Endo went well, His A1C did not change... reports back show he is growing like crazy and he just needed more insulin... we have made some adjustments, and I will monitor him closely (As usual) while the new settings kick in ... First night after settings on the pump/pod change are always stressful, but what I did notice and was reminded of was that he feeds off of me, and if I relax, he relaxes..

And although the endo had trouble with the reports, we both agreed to follow up with Omnipod to let them know that the new download method with the new remote has lost some of its valuable features, and we want to encourage them to bring it back! Hopefully hearing it from parents and medical professionals will encourage them to do this sooner than later!

We are back on the horse, and ready for school, and ready for a new day! Hopefully one that wakes up in range! ;)


Jules said...

Woot Woot! Great job, guys! Hugs!

Hua said...

Hi PancreasMom...

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