Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I could not be prouder!!!

I am so excited that my son's book is going to be published internationally to help newly diagnosed kids... Who says being little .. makes you too little to make a difference?? They are wrong!

Jared has written a book (with help from me and his gramma) and has been illustrated by his dad (and his sisters input ;) and based off of his own illustration ideas... His dream and wish was for every newly diagnosed child to have a copy of this book before they leave the hospital when they are newly diagnosed.

Yes, there are books out there, but we think his is different, and now the European market agreed. It sounds like every newly diagnosed child in Switzerland (atleast) will get this book before they go home.

The interesting part is it may be published in Europe before the states... I hope we can get this here in the States as well and in Canada.

I am so proud, I can't even finish writing this now... More details to come... and Yes, I will send a link to the website for the book soon :)