Thursday, May 28, 2009

What do you want out of it?

So Jared, his grandmother and I have been working on a book about diabetes for a while now, we have gotten to the point where we are trying to get it published and 'out there'... He must have over heard a conversation between my mom and I and 'what we want out of this book' now that it is finished... so my son on his way to school today said.. "Oh, i have to start thinking about what we want out of this book." I asked him what he meant... he replied with " you know.. the price..." " the the people in Hollywood are maniacs" I asked him what the meant by that and why are they maniacs?? .. he replied " Well their price is high.. they make so much money, and they are maniacs because they spend it on themselves.. instead of research to find cures!"

Well, I know what Jared wants out of this...

The interesting thing is.. that we do not often 'talk' about the cure.. we focus on today and each day dealing with what we have and being the healthiest we can be today. but last week, at night, as my son slept and I snuck in to check his BG.. I looked at him sleeping.. and I wished for a cure... a really loud (in my soul) cry for a cure... I want him to just sleep and us to just sleep and eat and play and live.. without diabetes.

So wish us luck with our book... We are hoping to get it sponsored so every new diagnosed child will get a copy. We have yet to find another book out there like it.

Do you have a great book that your kids love/ed when first diagnosed? Did you appreciate free books when your child was diagnosed, or did you go out and buy a book or go to the library? Were books helpful for your child during this hard time?


katerina said...

Hi I am really interested in all the new books concerning diabetes. What is your book like?

PancreasMom said...

I would say that while covering some of the new diagnosis bases... we also cover the emotional (positive) way that you can surround yourself with support and help others.. in little ways... and move into the pump process and how it can work for some.. it is a read that can be self read or shared with children ages 4-12 and them find themselves engaged, and interested, and hopefully by the end... not alone, and not defined by the disease.

Are you looking for books to read? are you writer yourself?

Thanks for expressing interest.. we hope to get it published soon.