Sunday, May 10, 2009

A happy mothers day to you all

I can't remember which blogger it was, but I recall some mom out there who had ketones and vomitting child out there each year (it may have been valentines day) but in either case, I hope you all get the day you want, and a child who goes to sleep with less fear than when there are ketones.

I think of this story, because... We had a great day... my first breakfast in bed... playing in the yard in the sun, and even a 2 hour boat ride for kicks... we all had a blast. Odd thing was... Jared turned to me on the boat and said.. I guess I am 300... I asked if we should test and then kept looking foward and smiling with the wind on his face as he held and waved the rope from the front of the boat as though he was steering a horse.. with an excited 'heya,heya...woo hoo'. I reveled in his joy in that moment and having has checked him an hour earlier and he was at 190 I was skeptical and thought... we will be back in one hour, waiting one more hour will be fine... He was having such a good time, I just wanted him to be the kid who was having the best mothers day ever!

he was 420 a hour later.. HOLY self reliable CGM brain in a 6 year old. His pod got itchy, and sure enough he scratched it / pulled it/ poked it off... and has not been getting any insulin for about 4 hours.. including his lunch bolus...

I thought... ketones? should we check? we should because if we don't, they could be there, then I would feel guilty.. I would rather just check and say 'phewph' good night. He again called it... he saw the strip as he peed on it change color... he knew the moderate color.. he said moderate, then said..'the one before large, and after small' He is such a good kid, who knows so much about a disease that should not be! but is :(

Extra insulin and off to bed for him... Happy mothers day mom...

p.s His card to me was a poem, and he said 'Mom,I love you and thank you for feeding me and giving me good food. I love you.' For most moms, this may have seemed odd, but for me.. I know, he is saying thank you for keeping me healthy and alive with diabetes. After all to a diabetic kid, food is medicine.

Happy mothers day to all you moms who are up too many nights, probably cry a few silent tears and laugh and love your children ... And care for them so tenderly.. they know it, even if they seem to little to show it.. but when they can... boy you know it is all so hopeful...and everything is so clear!

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