Wednesday, April 15, 2009

6 carb popsicles!

So I found a fun treat for my kids and I thought I would share it (Okay so it is a bit early before summer yet. but none the less we are excited!)

There are so many ingredients on all the popsicles out there.. and lots of carbs (even on the sugar free ones which we try and avoid, because it does not save you that many carbs).. this one you make yourself with your own bevie choice. We chose Orange juice - not watered down (although now thinking of it, that may work too ...hhhmmm....)and each pop holds 1/4 cup that makes each fun pop only 6 carbs! and a whole lotta fun. (okay so I splurged on the cost of the pop container, but I figure we will get lots of fun out of it... )

I hope you find some good fun treats too, and please share them, I don't ever want my kiddos to feel deprived, but we try and stay really healthy.. but they are kids, and every kid loves cold treats! :)

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Jill said...

I'm wondering how Crystal Light would freeze in them? Then they'd be freebie popscicles!