Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Registration time again...

It is registration time for school again, and I am not sure how detailed, if at all, i have gotten on this blog, of why we have my son in private school.. but in one word, it is for his 'safety' (was that more than one word???) He was diagnosed a month before going into kindergarten and so for his safety and the lack of his home schools interest in helping figure out a solution to helping him survive each day of his school day... they left us out in the cold (Yes, I know... Illegal.. and yes, ADA lawyers opted to help us sue...) but I needed to focus my energy on finding him a safe school. And we did.

We applied back to the home school last year for 1st grade and the same... not really a safe option.. so we put him back in Private... Okay... here is the part I am keeping to myself (okay, again, guess not anymore... wow, this really is theraputic, considering I started out by not feeling like talking.. but felt like I was abandoning blog) I am applying again this year to our home school. Last year when he was declined, those around me told me "what was i expecting them to have a change of heart?" They don't want "trouble or kids with issues at their school.. that is not going to change.. they have not had a diabetic kid there in the past 18 years of record" nothing is going to change!!

But call me stubborn, this year, I feel things could be different... Jared is really self sufficient (Well more than you can expect of a 6 year old to say the least) and is not on shots... he is on a pod and can do his own finger pokes... Call me crazy... but now that my daughter is about to enter school.. we need a solution for a school where they can safely go together.... and Private school is well... (is there a term past stretching us thin??) seeming as a stressful option.. There is a new principle (The old one really was closed minded and wretched! and a new designated (one day one hour a week) school nurse... This could mean change.. I hope!

Okay, so wish us luck with all the decisions and registrations for public and private that are in our next month of our lives.. and hope that neither kids are affected or saddened by the choices we as parents have to make.

Did I mention my son really wants to stay in his school until grade 3~??~ that is two more years!!


Angie said...

Good luck on school! It is such a tough decision.

Sain was diagnosed just before Kindergarten, too. I was lucky to get her in to a good private school with an amazing health room coordinator because the public district wanted to send her to the "special needs" school.

That said, it is tough. Diabetes is expensive and when you add in the tuition costs it's very overwhelming.

Hang in there!

PancreasMom said...

You truly are a hero... and I thank you for your words of support...

Just a question...??? do you think Sain will always go to a private school?

Is the school still doing as much today as this did when she needed more medical care (pre-pump?)

thanks so much... I may just pick your brain if we meet at jump planet ;) hope you don't mind :)

Angie said...

I don't know if she'll always go to private but it's looking more and more like yes -- I thought seriously about switching earlier this year because of finances (it especially tough with both kids in private school now -- I want them at the same school) but her school is so good academically and there are so many other perks for it. (a great speech and reading program that Aidan is benefiting from) But it is really tough financially sometimes. I hate donations times because I know I can't donate and there are some people who look down on that at the school.

No, they don't do as much for her now that she's on the pump and older but it is nice to know there's a caring person there always going out of her way for Sain. I also feel like I have a little more room to complain if something goes wrong since I am paying for the school.

Good luck!