Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just can't shake the feeling...

Ever have one of those nights... regardless of if you are watching a comedy or a chick flick.. you still can't shake the feeling of your child having to deal with Diabetes everyday. Today.. not a holiday from Diabetes... Another day... dealing with stresses kids should not have to deal with.

I panic, I hide it well, but I panic. I kiss him and love him (my daughter as well of course) and I worry about both of them, like all parents do. But I would trade almost anything for the Diabetes to just go away...

There have been days when it acted as though he was non-diabetic for a few hours, and I wished it was like a flu that goes away in time... It has wreaked enough havoc on our family .. it is time for it to be gone. Leaving a healthy, vibrant and energetic boy.. who gets to be a boy.

I am feeling like today's post is more of a diary entry than a post, so hang tight with me as I peel my layers before you all. I just need to get it out sometimes.

He is sleeping and put the CGM monitor on him tonight. I always feel like the bad guy, when I have to put 'more stuff' on his little body.. and tonight he let me know I was the bad guy.

Another diabetic mom once told me.. (and thank Gosh for her, or I would take it even harder than I do ... They (your Diabetic Child) will say things and feel things that are not fair to them or you, it hurts, Like heck, but don't take it personally... the moment passes, and life is filled with so many moments.. let that one pass too... with a grain of salt, and an unconditional loving hug, that no matter how hard it seems to get.. you all will make it through!

How do you cope with making life as 'fair' as possible? How do you treat all the children in your life Diabetic or not equally? How do you remind those around you that they need to treat all your kids equally...

Life is not fair sometimes, but I still wish, and hope and strongly belive, that one day soon.. it will be. I don't know how or when... but please ... let it be soon!!

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