Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A wish... or self driven solution??? He figures he has it all figured out

My son's birthday is coming up soon and well, in preperation, every chance to make a wish.. he does. For the past year, as many other parents of diabetics know, that 'not having diabetes' is likely one of the 'most requested' wishes of the year. (much like the top 10 christmas gift list). Jared thinks he has figured in his own mind, regardless of how many times we tell him to never lose hope and keep believing and that he can even be a part of the solution with dedication... However he figures that since that wish is not likely to come true (atleast for this year) since everyone else with diabetes has had it thier whole life and has not really heard of it going 'away' for anyone he has decided that he can outsmart the wish process... something more likely to get... a round about way of not having type 1 diabetes. Jared's new wish is for type 2 diabetes. Yup, you heard it right, my son is hoping for the disease of choice in comparison. I ask him why. He states "Mom, if I had type 2, I would just keep taking care of myself and eating right... and exercising and I could cure myself." There you have it, a 5 3/4 year old kid, figuring out a way to cure his own diabetes... downgrade! In his mind.. Upgrading!

I only hope all his hopes, wishes and dreams come true, today, tomorrow and forever.

I just have to add my own personal touch on this post: Last year I took Jared and his sister to Disney on Ice shortly after his diagnosis, and as I watched all the children overindulging in sweets, treats and even expensive souveniers.. I thought to myself, I hope each one of those childred appreciate what they have, and what they are given... And know that they are lucky for each and everything and every functioning part they have... and the MC shortly says in the magic of the "wishes' theme of the show for all the kids to make a wish... You know that all the kids with their mouths full, and their arms full of goodies likely wished for more of the same, and you know that all the sick kids or diabetic kids in the audience are wishing for cures, and health! Somethings just don't seem fair.

Don't you think that parents should not take pancreas, health and the magic of their childs life for granted and feed them crap, for one day it could all be taken away, or do you allow for those endulgences so that if it should happen that way... they have had a taste of it?

What are your thoughts? Am I just too emotional about the diabetes?

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