Tuesday, June 23, 2009

your age and your childs BG should never match!

Tonight, before I climbed into bed with my husband after a relatively busy day with the kids and tons of work I had to do today.. I decided to give my son an extra BG check... before bed, he had been so active I was sure he was going to drop... and I snuck him a piece of good dark chocolate, since he never even asks for dessert.. it only had 3 carbs (A good find at Trader Joe's in the little tins) In fact, even though his BG was in range, I gave it to him for free... (Pods and pumps make small calculations really easy) but I had a hunch... I thought we could overcome the problem with this...

I gave him the before my bed check an hour before normal because I was tired, and his BG matched my age... That is WAY too low a number! It made me feel young.. and not in a good way.. that by no means could a number that low be good.. it was too low, too young... stop thinking I thought to myself and run and get him some quick glucose/ protein.

Thankfully, he was able to drink with a straw and was conscious... cups, and that low, don't usually work out too well in the middle of the nite.. although I have to say.. I can't say he has EVER been that low at night :( But he has had one time where he was too low to repond to anything but the glucose gel which was a nightmare too... (Yuck)

Well it scared me.. and so here I am ... he has since recovered, BG's are normal and I will try and go to bed soon.. but that fear kinda runs around in my body and mind for a while... not taking any intuition/instictual messages for granted.. no matter how tired I think I am. But still, freaks me right out!

Thank you for being here, for listening when the house is sleeping and my mind is racing.

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Sherry said...

32!!! At first I was thinking our Canadian method of mmol/L when I read that number. I thought "WOW!! How did he go that high after all that activity and only a smidge of chocolate?!" Then I remembered and did the calculation. That's 1.8!! Your heart must have stopped!! Oh I feel for you, my blogging buddy. Diabetes seems to like to throw us these curve balls to keep us humble, I guess. I'm glad everything worked out ok.