Friday, November 21, 2008

A prospect of a cure..?!?! sooner than later???

This was released NOV 17, 2008

I know, many times before we have heard of this option of an upcoming cure.. but with 2 drugs that are already on the market and currently offered to cancer patients, this is interesting... even if only to put in the back pocket. I have NEVER heard a report that speculates a year out for a cure... have you??

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PancreasMom said...

Okay, so now that the post announcement bliss has settled, we must look at what is now a lack luster solution... I think they said that the mortality rate of this treatment due to extremely low immune levels is a whopping 20%~!! We won't be one of the first to step to this plate.

I guess you can say... persepective... when you current situation seems better that the alternative to the 'cure'.

Once again... living each day... with hope and promise for the next. No expectations, just dreams!