Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Something is not right"

Have you seen the remake of Madeline the kids movie??? Well the nun wakes and says with a finger to the air "something is not right".. Last nite at 2:30 am.. I woke.. something was not right! I was not sure what.. I was exhausted enough to for a moment try and tell myself after i tried to go to the bathroom, that i should just go back to bed... but i did not have to go to the bathroom, nor could i go back to bed.. something was not right.. I woke a bit more from my mid night stuper.. and decided to check on Jared, whose CGM was beside him, but the little monkey had turned down the alarm for night to 50! OY, well it said 56 when i went in... that was the pager to my brain that night.. not a direct line.. a little luck but a definate feeling to wake and disturb me... While i checked his BG, it vibrated and woke him... he jumped to read it... and said, how did you get here so fast... I treated him and waited... 10 minutes later (Which is quick i know.. i usually wait 15 but I was tired...) he was only 61... at this second round of waking, he was up too... he asked me how i knew.. i told him the story of Madeline and how 'something was not right'.. he giggled and said he loved me and was so happy I had 'that feeling'....and now he wanted to go back to sleep, knowing he was safe...

What an amazing feeling to have your little one feel (Even if for a moment) safe enough to express it... and to fall back asleep :)

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